Are you ready with your fitness goals this year? The gyms have reopened but you are still at risk. The virus is still here and so is the illness. Before you gear up to hit the gym, brace yourself, and follow the rules of the new normal.

Here are the top 5 hygiene rules you should follow in the gym during coronavirus:

1. Carry your own essentials: Go prepared to the gym for a workout session to avoid the spread. Stop reaching out to water coolers and disposable glasses at the gym. Carry your own water bottle, towels, yoga mats, and other essentials. Wait! Don’t forget to carry sanitizer. To avoid the contraction of the virus, changing rooms are most likely to be closed. So, pull your socks up before you leave for a workout sesh!

2. Disinfect gym equipment: Carry your own sanitizer to disinfect your hands and gym equipment. No doubt the gym must be well sanitized following every hygiene rule but extra precaution is a must in the times of COVID crisis. Sanitize the dumbbells, barbells, doorknobs, and other high-touch surfaces. Do you know the virus can live up to 24hrs? Take precautions, sanitize everything you use, and stay safe!

3. Social distancing: The virus has not gone yet! The risks are even higher now. In order to avoid the spread follow social distancing rules even at the gym. Take it as your self-responsibility and recommend others to follow it strictly. Stand by gym rules! Skip every gossip session with your gym partner. Better try to arrive and leave on your allocated time.

4. Wear breathable face masks and gloves: Face masks and gloves have become a part of our dress this year. This pandemic has made us all restricted to certain things. Although wearing a mask while exercising can make it difficult for you to breathe and can cause dizziness. But breathable face masks can provide both face protection with easy breathing. So buy a breathable face mask according to your size so that it fits in well. Gloves and wrist bands must be a part of the gym accessory and if not you can wear surgical gloves in order to stay protected.

5. Stay home if you are unwell: Obsessed with the gym? We know the gyms have opened after a long time. This unlock does not mean that everything is normal and back to the track. If you are feeling unwell with any form of illness, please stay home! It is necessary for your own self and for others as well. You will put others at risk too!

Make these easy rules a part of your gym routine, after all, precaution is better than cure! Keep an eye on your fitness goals while being safe and hygienic. Motivate your friends and family to abide by these rules! Hit the gym with safety and win over the virus!