As the pandemic taught us a lot of modern technicalities to take care of our hygiene, hand sanitizer is one of them. It is known to be the quickest way of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It is the go-to product as every person cannot carry hand wash everywhere. Here are some of the modern rules mentioned below that can be helpful in using hand sanitizer in an effective way. Stay safe and maintain the aura of hygiene to safeguard yourself from the harmful effects of COVID19.

  • Choose the right-hand sanitizer: Choosing the right product that is effective enough is very important, as there are many other products ready to compete. Choosing the product that serves quality and best results are very important here. Aromaz Spray Hand Sanitizer is the one that can give you the best results as it is handy and effective at the same point in time. Mild on skin and most importantly a product that is very flexible in budget. 
  • Do not expose your hands to heat: Every hand sanitizer has a maximum percentage of alcohol that may react to heat and fire. Keeping your hands near to fire and heat is something very risky for you as it can cause major damage to your skin. Our safety is in our hands and keeping our hands protected is majorly important here. 
  • Take care of the pH balance: Maintaining the pH balance of our hands is mandatory as an imbalance may cause many problems, Aromaz Hand Sanitizer spray has the goodness of Aloe Vera that can help you in keeping the pH balance intact. Safety with care marks a significance here. 
  • Herbal ingredients are a boon: Aloe Vera is known as the king of herbal ingredients as it is the most effective of all that brings bundles of positive effects together. Herbal ingredients in a sanitizer is a complete boon as it’ll be beneficial for your hands, rather than causing any damage. 

  • Hand sanitizer is for hands only: Do not use the hand rub anywhere else except your hands as it may cause damage to your organs if you rub your hands on your nose or on any other external part of your body. Be wise and use the product in a very careful way.