How many times do you sanitize or wash your hands when you open a door at your workplace? Every observed? These basic precautions are necessary to survive at your office. You meet various clients, colleagues, and team members. Are you sure that they must be following self-hygiene? No! A well-sanitized workplace with sanitizers at every next step has become really important. Although COVID-19 has made us all more hygienic we must motivate others to follow some hygiene rules strictly.

Sanitizing stations have become really common. Before you enter the office premises, discard the bacteria under these stations. Every office must have a sanitizing station. It will limit the spread of infections from one to another.

The importance of hand sanitizer at the workplace not only helps you maintain hygiene but also help others follow it. So, for example, you enter your cabin, you must hold the doorknob to open the door, right? That doorknob can be a cause of your illness. How many people would have touched it? The office should install hand sanitizers at every entrance and exit.

Doorknobs, light switches and other high-touch surfaces at the workplace should be well sanitized. The installation of sanitizer will make the employees follow certain rules for their own well- being as well as of other employees. You can also consider implementing a health and hygiene program educating the employees about its importance.

Illness in the office is totally disruptive and such careless acts can affect you badly. Now that you have entered your cabin, you directly go to your desk. Your desk can be clean from dust and dirt but not germs! Normal soaked cloth or mop cannot remove dangerous germs. So next time you sit on your desk be sure that it is well sanitized.

Another key place where the sanitizer can be lodged is on every desk. You touch computers, keyboards, mice, and other equipment that can contain unwanted bacteria and germs. Employees spend the majority of the day at their desks so that must be clean daily. Placing hand sanitizer within each employee’s reach can prevent and stop the spread of germs.

Proper sanitization must be within reach and at every near place. The washroom is one of those places that contain the maximum number of bacteria and dangerous viruses. Although people wash their hands with soap and water that isn’t enough against the COIVD-19 virus. Extra hygiene is needed to prevent the spread.

To limit the spread of infections, install sanitizers in each washroom so that after a proper hand wash, every employee has access to them. Precaution is better than cure! This will help them safeguard their health and their colleague’s health.

A hygienic workplace attracts clients as well. It shows them that you care about their health and welfare. Visible sanitizer dispensers at nearby steps generate a positive impression about the staff and the company. It becomes an essential detail about health as it matters to you, your employees, and the clients.

Installation of sanitizer dispensers will make the workplace healthier which effective productivity and lower costs. In the end, the profit is that of your Company. So what are you waiting for?