Are you using your sanitizer in a perfect way? Sanitizers do kill germs and unwanted bacteria but only if it is used in a proper way. COVID-19 pandemic has made us understand the importance of hygiene and welfare but are we following proper steps to make even a drop of sanitizer worth? Break all the misconceptions about sanitizers and have a look below, a proper guide to use a hand sanitizer properly. First of all, be sure that you are using a sanitizer with at least 70% of alcohol content. Most sanitizer does have alcohol content, but a proper ratio is a must. Alcohol-based sanitizers can inactive many germs on the surface of your hands or any other objects when used effectively. In the case of hands, take 0.5ml to 1ml of the sanitizer on the palms of your hand and start rubbing your hands together.

Sanitizers work best on less dirty and greasy hands. Let’s say that of your hands are really dirty or soiled then it cannot be made sure that it can provide proper hygiene. Now as you have poured the right amount of sanitizer on your hands, don’t waste it by rubbing. Start covering all the surfaces of your hands. Do you know how much germs your nails carry? Cover your fingers and in-between, your nails and wrists.

Have you ever observed that most of the time you forget to sanitize your thumbs? We all rub palms and fingers but what about your thumbs? Scrub your thumbs properly in order to disinfect. Now cover the back of your hands so that the front and back of your hands are totally clean. Let the sanitizer dry and evaporate. Kudos, your hands are clean!

Although, sanitizers have become one of the most effective ways to prevent COVID-19 you must be knowing when and when not to use a sanitizer. They work effectively if your hands are not visibly soiled. They are majorly used when you don’t have access to water and hand wash. You must be aware that one cannot use it when you have chemicals on your hands otherwise it can harm your skin. The most active ingredient that every sanitizer must have is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) which discards germs from the surface of your hands or any objects. So, now that you know how, when, and what type of hand sanitizer you should use, make sure you follow these easy steps.