Want to know about what is Aromatherapy and how it came into the limelight? Let us observe the name at first if we break it into two, it becomes Aroma-therapy! So to get a basic idea, we know what aroma and therapy mean differently. Yes, you got it right! Aroma basically means essence or aroma or let’s say the scent. And, therapy is a mainstream word which usually means cure or remedy.

To get a clear image of what it actually means, look below as we try to figure out:

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the holistic approach to the use of essential oils. These oils are taken from plants which makes the oil natural and safe to use. It helps reduce minor to major skin issues while relieving anxiety and stress. Aromatherapy oils or essential oils are naturally established in plants and their leaves, bark, or peel. Try taking a plant and crush its stem, you will see some sort of oil releasing from it. Well, that cannot be assured without any examination whether it is an essential oil or not. Each oil has its own fragrance and uses as per the requirements. We can say that aromatherapy strengthens your skin tissue with an effect on a fast recovery. Having known the crux, let's get to know how it became popular with time! Have a look below.
  • History: Tracing back to ancient times, Egyptians were the first ones to realize that a fragrance or aroma can even have therapeutic substances. The uses and benefits were under the cover until the 1920s when the term aromatherapy was coined. Interesting much? Do you know Egyptians had a high approach to various beauty secrets and therapies? Yes! Aging back to the time of Cleopatra, known as “a woman of surpassing beauty, she used essential oils in massages and noticed the emotional and physical changes. Want to know more about essential oils? Here it is!
  • What are essential oils?: You must be wondering what kind of plants or leaves makeup to such natural therapy. Known as a therapy of effective recovery, these oils are made in special plant cells; often found in their leaves, bark, or even leaf peel. They are generated naturally with the help of energy absorbed directly from the Sun. The most common essential oils include lavender, peppermint, lemon, neem, tulsi, and many more. You must be wondering that you can even create these oils at home as well. But the answer is no! Since these oils as very concentrated, each oil is taken and mixed with other natural substances to make a standard oil affecting your body in every positive way possible. Are they safe or not, know more right now!
  • Aromatherapy based products- safe or not?: Skincare products based on aromatherapy do have safety considerations. We at Aromaz understand our customers’ concern and in that case, we have produced all the products on the standard basis of use. Our products are totally safe and yielded with the brew of aromatic constituents, extracted from plants and flowers through steam distillation. It recovers your body whilst healing your mind and soul.

  • We know you must be having many questions and concerns regarding aromatherapy and we promise that all these questions will be answered shortly. To culminate what has been told, we feel that our customer must transparently know about the products they will be using. Let’s wait for other knowledgeable topics to be discussed in detail, till then gather all your concerns. Stay beautiful forever!