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22 Aug An Introduction to Aromatherapy
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Want to know about what is Aromatherapy and how it came into the limelight? Let us observe the name at first if we break it into two, it becomes Aroma-therapy! So to get a basic idea, we know what aro..
22 Aug How to use hand sanitizer properly - Most effective way to prevent COVID-19
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Are you using your sanitizer in a perfect way? Sanitizers do kill germs and unwanted bacteria but only if it is used in a proper way. COVID-19 pandemic has made us understand the importance of hygiene..
22 Aug 7 Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Products
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Aromatherapy is based on the concept of essential oils. Do you know how effective this therapy is? These oils, in any form, when applied to the body, enter the skin through the skin pores where they a..
22 Aug The Importance of hand sanitizer at the workplace
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How many times do you sanitize or wash your hands when you open a door at your workplace? Every observed? These basic precautions are necessary to survive at your office. You meet various clients, col..
22 Aug Top 5 hygiene rules you should follow in the gym during coronavirus
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Are you ready with your fitness goals this year? The gyms have reopened but you are still at risk. The virus is still here and so is the illness. Before you gear up to hit the gym, brace yourself, and..
22 Aug How does aromatherapy work?
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When we begin using some of the products we must know what is the history behind it and how can it affect our body. You must be wondering that how the aroma or essence can heal skin-related issues. We..
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