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R.D.M. Care (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded in the 1990s by Late. Mr. Dilvinder Singh Narang. The term R.D.M. stands for ‘Research, Development, and Management’. The mission statement of the Company reads; “Spreading beauty- for internal & external peace, and prosperity”. Today the company successfully runs one of the largest distribution channels in India, covering several regions like Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Jabalpur, Rajasthan, Bangalore, and many more. It offers its clients additional services, such as product manufacturing, package designing, sourcing, logistics, and distribution. Being intrigued by Aromatherapy, we started investing in the use of essential oils that can help deal with various skin, hair, and body concern. We believe that it is a holistic approach to health and well-being as it uses natural plant extracts and sometimes carrier oils. So here we are with the aroma of various essential oils that can surely be your go-to for every concern.


The concept of Aromaz is based on Aromatherapy. The products are yielded with the brew of aromatic constituents, extracted from plants and flowers through steam distillation. It affects your skin by penetrating the dermal layer, providing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. We use essential oils that produce a healing effect on your body, soul, and mind. We use aromatic essential oils in our products which enhances both physical and emotional health. The essence of these oils makes you feel calm and relaxed.


Aromaz, under the company name R.D.M. Care (India) Pvt. Ltd., is an Aromatherapy Brand. Late Sd. Dilvinder Singh Narang, the father of Ayur Herbals, invested in the use of essential oils to build a brand that can help the beauty freaks to conquer their bodily concerns. Essential oils promote relaxation to your body affecting not only hair outer beauty but also the inner beauty. It provides relief to your mind and soul keeping you healthy psychologically.

Angad Deep Singh Narang (Son of Late Mr. Dilvinder Singh Narang), the CEO of R.D.M., has been determined to take the legacy forward. As the CEO of the company, he deals with high-level strategic decisions for the future growth of the company. R.D.M is currently being directed by Mrs. Sonia Narang (Wife of Late Mr. Dilvinder Singh Narang) and their daughter, Ms. Baksheen Kaur. Both the Directors of R.D.M., where Mrs. Sonia is looking after daily operations and Ms. Baksheen is looking after social media promotions, marketing, graphic, and design of products. The Company also has other directors on board who are looking after the day to day administration of the Company.