We operate with a cause. We strive to meet the skin and beauty care needs of the people in a safer way through herbal products.

We provide our consumers with innovative products that are within the reach of everyone. We don’t cater to needs of a particular income group. The masses are our target audience.

We offer a platform for research and development of herbal medicines and other traditional therapies.

We are determined to prove ourselves as a responsible corporate citizens with a commitment to environmental protection

Our logo is the embodiment of our corporate philosophy. All the elements of our philosophy are reflected on the logo. The herb in our logo symbolizes herbal care. Its green colour signifies nature.  There are eleven leaves on the herb. They symbolize 11 basic components of our corporate philosophy namely, heritage, tradition, modernization, benevolence, growth, wellness, research, revival, nourishment, care, and beauty.

In the logo, the word AROMAZ is written in maroon color. Maroon symbolizes elegance and wellness. Maroon has a close resemblance to red-brown which is associated with the colour of the planet earth. The entire logo, being balanced and well proportioned symbolizes elegance and well being in harmony with nature.